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Oiso Yuru-kyara Entry

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An entry as part of Oiso town in Kanagawa's call for a mascot design. In Japan, many cities/prefectures/counties have a mascot to promote their district. Oiso is a town known for their beautiful coast and their big water park, Oiso Long Beach.

Translation of the description from Japanese to English below:

Hello! I am Rakko-ron from Oiso Long Beach. I am an otter who loves to swim and frolic in the water. And just like Oiso's signature bird - the Aobato - I can also drink ocean water. In fact, under water is where I became friends with them!

In the wild, otters love to hang out in groups. I too, love to spend time with all of my friends! But although having fun is great, being safe is also really important, which is why I am also a life guard! When my friends are in danger, I use my floatie around me to help them. So don't worry! If I am around, we are safe :).

The fancy design around my neck was inspired by the waves of Oiso Long Beach's wave pool. The vibrant colours also reflect the same colours as Oiso Long Beach's website!

Please welcome my jolly and playful self :).

- Rakko-ron

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