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Dear Sustie, what is your diet like?

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Do you eat meat 🥩🍣 for every meal, every day? Or have you adopted a flexitarian diet to reduce your intake of meat and increase your veggies 🥬?

Meat consumption 🍖 is a huge topic, and therefore a huge opportunity for us to make a difference in saving our planet 🌍 . Livestock production accounts for 16.5% of the entire world’s carbon emissions, and 77% of global agricultural land is used to feed livestock. In other words, 77% of the land we use for agriculture does not go to feeding humans, but to feed animals 🐄!! On top of that, the vast majority of deforestation 🌳 that happens around the world is so that we can feed and grow more livestock, leading to staggering loss of biodiversity 🌿, natural habitat and wildlife 🦥. We see this in the devastating Amazon fires 🔥.

And did you know that to make a typical US quarter-pound beef burger 🍔, you need 218.4 litres of water💧and 4 square meters of land? Thats equivalent to 292 wine bottles 🍾 worth of water and land about the size of a ping pong table 🏓 ...just for one burger patty! When looking at these numbers, any plant-based protein will outperform beef as far as environmental footprint.

But, this doesn’t mean we all have to go vegetarian or vegan. It doesn’t have to be black or white like that. Even reducing your consumption of meat is a huge step in reducing your carbon footprint 🐾, and there are lots of ways to do this!

1. Choose a day (or days) of the week to eat veggie🧆
2. Remove meat from brekkie 🥞 (or lunch or dins)
3. Reduce your weekly portion of meat 🥩
4. Carefully select sustainably grown/captured meat/fish🐟
5. Replace animal-based meats with plant-based meats🌱

The last point - eating plant-based meats like @impossible_foods and @beyondmeat is super exciting because these products taste like meat but use 99% less water, 93% less land, emit 90% less GHG emissions, and uses 46% less energy!

So if you care about our planet 🌎, innovating in your kitchen with veggie dishes could be a great start, not only for the planet but also for our health 😍.

- from 🌏

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