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Dear Sustie, how do you shop for clothes?

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Do you buy a lot of same-style outfits week after week, or do you only shop occasionally when you really need something? Do you shop at fast fashion brands 👖 that promote a throw-away culture or do you carefully select brands that are committed to sustainability🧶?

The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of the world’s wastewater💦, and 10% of global carbon emissions💨. Every second, the industry produces 1 garbage truck 🚛 worth of textile waste that goes to landfill or is burned.

So to be more eco-friendly, you could simply buy less. You could also look for brands committed to sustainability and buy from them. But how do you know it’s not greenwashing? Maybe looking for reliable certifications like @bcorporation and @fairtradeuk could be a start. But lets be aware that just because a brand doesn’t have a certification, it doesn’t mean they aren’t doing good things too 💪🏽.

You could also look at a brand’s impact report 📃 to read about their commitments. Another way would be to find brands working with notable organisations like @ellenmacarthurfoundation and shop there. But if this all sounds too complicating, or shopping at sustainable brands is too expensive, you could always go to thrift shops and charity stores and you’re guaranteed to buy second-hand 🧢 !

But the ultimate eco-friendly move is to buy less, wear less, and wash less. Being naked is the most sustainable!! ...but also not so realistic. So my advice to you is wear whatever you own as many times as you can to maximise its lifetime 🥳.

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