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Dear Sustie, how do you heat your home?

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Do you blast your heater all day long and lounge in a shirt👕 and shorts🩳? Or do you wear more layers 🧦and use a thermostat to manage the temperature?

Did you know that in most places in the world, heating buildings are mostly done using fossil fuel based energy? In the UK, 10% of total carbon emissions is from heating our homes. If you focus on the built environment, heating is responsible for 69% of emissions 💨!

The good news is, there are lots of things you can do to make a difference. First and foremost, is to try to heat your home less. You can do this by moving into an energy efficient building 🏠 that has proper insulation that will contain warmth better. Depending on where you are, you can look at resources like @worldgbc to find these buildings. Another thing is to install a thermostat or a smart heater. That way, your home can maintain a certain temperature without wasting energy! Looking for energy efficient appliances like ones that are ENERGY STAR can be good too 😏.

And the best thing about heating our homes and being sustainable is that it leads directly to cost savings 💰! For every degree you turn down your thermostat, you save money. For every minute you don’t use your heater, you also save money! ...but of course, heating equals comfort. There is only so much you can do so that you aren’t miserably cold ❄️. Maybe you can bundle in blankets and huddle with your roomies?!

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