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Dear Sustie, how do you drink your coffee?

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Do you use a disposable paper cup that doesn’t get recycled and is made by cutting down trees 🌳? Or do you use your personal reusable cup to help reduce waste?

But how are you using your reusable cup? Do you have lots of them that you alternate around? How often do you use it? If you have a plastic reusable cup, you have to use it 17 times for it to be more eco-friendly than a disposable cup. This number will also go up if you use a dishwasher or hot water to clean your cup 💦.

So whats better?!?! Maybe a biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable single-use cup ♻️? No. Even these “eco-cups” aren’t sustainable, because they need special facilities to be properly recycled. In reality, only 1 in 400 cups are being recycled in the UK, and those that aren’t go to landfill or into our oceans 🌊.

Reusable cups are good because they are more likely to be recycled, don’t pollute nature, and don’t use natural resources. But let's remember that there is no point if you have 20 different reusable cups at home that aren’t being used. So what’s the best choice?? Not using any container at all?!? Sustie, help me figure out how to be healthy.

- from 🌏

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